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Christmas Jewels – Falling in Love with Yourself

Christmas Jewels, by WhisperingElmWood, posted on

Christmas Jewels, by WhisperingElmWood, posted on

Falling in love with someone else in not so hard.

But the most challenging thing in the world? It’s falling in love with yourself.

We short-circuit ourselves so many times.

That is why, on this journey – the most powerful and sacred one of all – it helps to have a guide. Someone who will be with you, step-by-step. Someone who has already done what you are doing, and can be with you on the way.


Christmas Jewels: Twelve Days of Solstice – and Twelve Lessons


Falling in Love with Yourself:
Twelve Lessons with Alay’nya
(My Christmas Gift to You)


This is the journey – the inner journey – of unveiling.

Join me. Use the Opt-In form on the right.

We’ll take this journey together – a private, special trip. A secret journey, known only to us.

And in this, we will journey to the sacred core of YOU.

Falling in love with yourself – it is so much easier when you have a guide.

We’ll have twelve days together – I’ll guide you with an email each day, and each one will take you to a special web page.

Each web page will have one of my Christmas season gifts to you – an excerpt, a recipe.

But most of all, each one will coach you – in a very special, delicious way – in the sacred journey to the core of who you really are.

Join us now.

No pressure. No hard sell. This really is my gift to you; inviting you to have an intimate and transforming time with yourself during this holiday season.

Use the Opt-In form to the right. And I’ll see you there!

Yours in Love and Laughter – Alay’nya

P.S. – You’ll receive a confirmation email from me when you join up. And you’ll hear a little bit from me prior to Christmas. Special little things; just to stay in touch.

Our real Twelve Lessons, though will start on Solstice Eve, December 21st. See you then!

P.P.S. – These “lessons” – they’re all about nurturing yourself; about you falling in love with you. Not a lot of extra work – because I know you’ll have a lot to do. They’re about setting aside that sacred time and sacred space – even if it’s just ten minutes before you fall asleep at night. Join me. We’ll have a delightful time together!


Special Lecture Announcement: The Unveiling Archetypes: Practical Application to Your Life


Special Announcement:
The First Public Presentation of the Unveiling Archetypes
Sunday, early 2017, details to be announced
Kealakekua, Big Island, HI


The Unveiling Archetypes will help you discover your road to personal fulfillment.

The Unveiling Archetypes are the key – you use them to discover which life journeys you are on right now.

You are the Jewel
In the Heart of the Lotus


Use these archetypes to unveil – to illuminate – to transform yourself.

From the outside in, and the inside out.

Let who you really are emerge – with Alay’nya, author of the widely-acclaimed book, Unveiling: The Inner Journey.



Note: The “Brightbar” gif (and a few other web jewels images used on this site) were developed by Moyra, and released as Moyra’s Web Jewels in the 1990’s. Moyra, sadly, no longer supports and distributes these beautiful creations – but many of us have been inspired by her artistic beauty and vision!